What is cone filters?

Cone filters, also known as temporary filters, belong to the series of pipe coarse filtration. The products are mainly made of stainless steel punching mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel filter mesh, etched mesh, metal flange and so on. It is divided into a pointed bottom cone filter and a flat bottom cone filter.

Cone filter is used to install between the two flanges of the pipeline before the pipeline starts, to remove the medium in the pipeline, so that the equipment can work and run normally, reach a stable process, and ensure the safe production of the equipment. The equipment is simple, reliable and convenient.

They are widely used in petrochemical production, chemical production, refrigeration, light industrial food, pharmaceutical production, filtration, used in steam, air, water, oil and other system piping, to protect various meters, pumps, valves, steam traps, etc. device.

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Advantages of DEZE cone filter

  1. Good filtration performance, Conical filters can achieve uniform surface filtration performance.
  2. Excellent materials are resistant to corrosion, heat, pressure, abrasion and stress.
  3. DEZE has rigorous production process, with uniform Conical filters, precise filtration precision and large flow rate per unit area.
  4. Suitable for low and high temperature environment, can meet the needs of various extreme environments.
  5. Reusable.When cleaning is needed, just remove the conical filter cylinder and install it after cleaning, which can avoid replacement and effectively reduce the use cost.

OEM service:

If all the cone filter are not suitable for you, DEZE can provide you with design and OEM services, we can customize the perfect product according to your needs. Here you need to tell us some of your ideas about cone filter.

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