DEZE filter bag is mainly made of five-wire sewing of SUS304 304L 316 316L stainless steel. The high-strength polyester/polypropylene white line is used for the stitching to ensure a good filtration guarantee for each filter bag. The mouth of the bag can be selected from stainless steel ring, plastic ring and galvanized ring.

DEZE filter bag heat resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high cost performance, good gas permeability and long service life. Widely used in mining, chemical, food, petroleum, pharmaceutical and other industries, mainly used for gas, liquid filtration and other media separation.

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Advantages of DEZE filter bag:

  1. The stainless steel mono-filamentwoven structure forms a smooth surface, easy to clean, and can be reused many times.
  2. Excellent material, high strength, no deformation due to pressure changes.
  3. It is suitable for filtering sediments and sediments. It has a large amount of dirt and can guarantee the flow rate. It is suitable for liquid filtration with high impurity content, which effectively reduces the filtration cost.
  4. The side of the bag, the mouth of the bag is tightly sewn, the process is rigorous, and there is no risk of bursting, leaking, etc.

OEM Service:

If all the filter bag are not suitable for you, DEZE can provide you with design and OEM services, we can customize the perfect product according to your needs. Here you need to tell us some of your ideas about filter bag.

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