What is filter screen disc?

DEZE produces mesh disc, mesh disc, etching screen. The filter disc mainly adopts stainless steel, copper and other metal materials. By weaving, sintering, punching, spot welding, edging, etching and other different production processes can be processed into various sizes and shapes of filter disc. The structure can be divided into single layer, double layer and multi-layer.

DEZE is located in the raw material production area with low cost and excellent performance. Suitable for extreme environment, easy to clean, long service life, safe and environmental protection. Mainly used in air conditioning, purifier, range hood, air filter, dehumidifier, and dust remover, etc., to meet various requirements of filtration, dust removal and separation, applied in petroleum, chemical, mineral, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Advantages why buy filter screen disc price DEZE

Excellent material: Adapt to extreme environment, anti-aging, beautiful, long service life.

Sophisticated production process: Uniform filtration, no material shedding, safe to use.

Low cost: DEZE is located in the origin of raw materials, factory direct sales,We provide high quality and low price products.

Widely used: We produce filter discs of various materials and specifications for a wide range of industries to meet the needs of a variety of applications.

OEM service: 

DEZE provides OEM service, we can customize the corresponding products according to your needs, welcome to contact us.