Various kinds of screen gaskets can find here:

DEZE offers different types of screen gaskets, silicone screen gaskets, FKM (Viton) screen gaskets, EPDM screen gaskets, PTFE (Teflon) screen gaskets, Buna screen gaskets, etc. The mold opening process mainly uses stainless steel and gaskets. Alloy, copper or other metals can be customized. 

Widely used in modern industry, national defense industry, daily life, electronics industry, automotive industry waterproof betting, caulking materials, seals, filtration, etc. Silicone rubber can be odorless, odorless and non-toxic, so it is also a good material for household appliances and food industry.

We can choose the perfect screen gasket for you, according to your needs, all sizes and non-standard products can be customized.

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Advantages of DEZE screen gaskets

  1. Corrosion resistant, excellent resistance to ozone and oxide attack, direct sunlight, anti-photoaging
  2. High temperature and cold resistance, good heat insulation and heat dissipation, suitable for use anywhere in human habitation.
  3. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, food-grade certified, in line with human contact.
  4. Oil and water resistant, excellent electrical insulation properties.
  5. Wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, sealed, will not cause water leakage and other phenomena.
  6. Surface gloss, no edgy, no rust.
  7. Good resilience, high tensile strength and strong tear resistance.
  8. Mature technology, stable quality, can be customized non-standard models, hardness and color customer specified.
  9. Free samples are available for sample testing.

OEM service:

If all the screen gasket are not suitable for you, DEZE can provide you with design and OEM services, we can customize the perfect product according to your needs. Here you need to tell us some of your ideas about screen gasket.

Welcome to contact us.