Project Description

High-grade stainless steel coffee maker filter disc

Coffee maker filter disc Product description:

DEZE coffee filter disc is made of stainless steel and is durable.

It has good effect on filtering coffee powder and residue.

It can be reused, environmentally friendly and hygienic. Coffee itself contains oily substances.

If you filter it with filter paper, the oil in the coffee will be absorbed by the filter paper. Compared to filter paper, the stainless steel filter completely retains the grease in the coffee, keeping the coffee perfectly taste. Easy to operate and easy to use. It will take you a step closer to a delicious cup of coffee.

Coffee filter disc

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Coffee filter disc

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Coffee filter disc

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Specification Table:

coffee filter disc

coffee filter disc

Flower pattern etching coffee filter disc

Coffee filter disc

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Coffee filter disc

Coffee filter disc installation details

Advantages of DEZE coffee filter disc:

1.Precise filtration, easy to operate, easy to use

  1. Multi-functional and practical, as a coffee filter, you can also filter tea at part-time, filter water
  2. Easy to clean, rinse with water
  3. The material is sturdy, can filter 99.9% of coffee grounds, and effectively retain the coffee ingredients, retaining the original taste
  4. The mesh is evenly filtered, the water flow rate is stable, and the coffee essence is extracted.
  5. A variety of styles you want can be customized
  6. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, food grade materials, non-toxic and harmless, does not affect the taste

Application of DEZE coffee filter disc:

DEZE coffee filter disc is a popular European and American market made of 304 stainless steel square mesh or dense mesh. It is used for cold coffee filtration and is suitable for home life, office or large supermarkets.