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Copper wire mesh disc

product description:

Copper mesh disc has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and has excellent tensile strength, bending strength, wear resistance and tensile strength. The brass mesh has suitable tensile and elongation properties, and the mesh habit is based on the number of warp threads per inch.

copper wire mesh disc

Phosphor bronze wire mesh disc

copper wire mesh disc

Brass wire mesh disc

copper wire mesh disc

Copper mesh disc

The fewer the mesh, the larger the mesh, and the better the drainage performance. Copper mesh disc is durable, and its release of copper ions in water can inhibit or kill pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli in water, and can play a role in purifying water quality, thereby further improving people’s quality of life.

Specification Table:

copper wire mesh disc

Advantages of DEZE copper wire mesh disc:

  1. It has strong corrosion resistance, heat conduction and good electrical conductivity. It is generally used for filtration separation under strong corrosive environment.
  2. Good ductility, wear resistance, practicality and long service life
  3. Stable structure, strong impact resistance, low cost, uniform and beautiful mesh for a long time.
copper wire mesh disc

Plain copper mesh disc

copper wire mesh disc

Brass filter disc screen

copper wire mesh disc

Wire mesh discs can be customized in various specifications

Application of DEZE copper wire mesh disc:

  1. Used for screening and filtration under acid and alkali environmental conditions, as a mud net in the petroleum industry and as a pickling net in the electroplating industry…
  2. Used in mining, petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, machinery manufacturing, printing and other industries.
  3. It is used in air conditioners, purifiers, range hoods, air filters, dehumidifiers, and dust collectors. It is suitable for various filtration, dust removal and separation requirements.
  4. Widely used in chemical chemical fiber field, as well as drug screening, electronic product accessories, etc.
  5. Screening various particles, powders, porcelain clay, glass, porcelain printing, filtering liquids, gases, etc.

Material: brass wire (65% copper, 35% zinc), copper wire (99.8% pure copper content), phosphor bronze wire (85%-90% copper, 5%-15% tin).

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