Project Description

High efficiency metal mesh Crusher screen

Etched screen Product description:

The Crusher screen is made of high-quality stainless steel metal, and its mesh surface is smooth, smooth, beautiful, durable and has a wide range of uses. We can customize the screens for various apertures for a variety of models, and other materials to meet your needs. A single device can be equipped with multiple screens of different mesh sizes, thus achieving the goal of multi-purpose machine, which perfectly saves the customer’s purchase cost.

Crusher screen

Etched screen Crusher screen

Crusher screen

Details of the crusher screen

Crusher screen

Measurement of the crusher screen

Specification Table:

Crusher screen

DEZE is strategically located in the origin of raw material production. We are a direct supplier of filter components. We are looking forward to your arrival with better quality, faster delivery times, more efficient and faster communication, more competitive prices, and better service.

Crusher screen

Details of the bending type crusher screen

Crusher screen

Large size crusher screen

Crusher screen

Customize Etched crusher screens of various specifications

Advantages of DEZE Etched Crusher screen:

  1. Good resistance to acid, alkali and rust, suitable for crushing various media
  2. High strength, strong tensile, toughness and wear resistance, durable, can effectively improve mechanical work efficiency
  3. High temperature oxidation, the screen is made of stainless steel, and the bottom is solid and durable.
  4. Normal temperature processing, that is, easy plastic processing, diversifying the use possibilities of stainless steel screens;
  5. The mesh is not deformed to ensure good operation of the crushing process.

Application of DEZE Etched Crusher screen:

The Crusher screen is suitable for the pulverization and reuse process of various crushers, especially for all kinds of hard plastics (such as material heads, shoe materials, etc.). Mine can crush stone, pharmaceutical drug crushing processing, grain screening, mechanical protection, etc.

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