Project Description

Keg Dip Tube screen / Racking Cane Filter Product description:

DEZE Dip Tube filter screen products are anti-corrosion, smooth surface, bright, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistant, non-fading, comfortable, evenly filtered and not easily deformed.

Food grade materials are safe and non-toxic, can be used in boiling water, long service life, can be reused after cleaning, easy to install, no blockage.

Dip Tube filter screen

Detail of Dip Tube filter screen

Dip Tube filter screen

Dip Tube filter screen from woven mesh

Dip Tube filter screen

Dip Tube filter screen from  etching screen

Specification Table:

Dip Tube filter screen

Advantages of DEZE Dip Tube filter screen:

  1. Easy to install, safe to use, non-toxic, easy to clean, customize
  2. Used in a variety of brewing equipment to meet the needs of many brewing enthusiasts
  3. Can be used for homemade beer, wine, coffee filtration, etc.
  4. Filter hops, juices and other residues to remove impurities and macromolecules, which will prevent the entry of solid particles when drinking brewed beverages
  5. For buffering liquid, evenly filter to make the taste better
  6. Strong corrosion resistance, good permeability and high strength
  7. The process is simple, can be used repeatedly, not easy to damage
  8. Stable performance, high capacity, uniform filtration, no blockage
Dip Tube filter screen

Various specifications Dip Tube filter screen can be customized

Dip Tube filter screen

Custom Stainless Steel Keg Dip Tube screen

Dip Tube filter screen

Details of different types of filter tubes

Application of DEZE Dip Tube filter screen:

Dip Tube filter screen is mainly used in beer winemaker to remove impurities and macromolecules. When you want to drink your brewed beer, Dip Tube filter screen will effectively prevent excess solids such as hops from entering your drink, and can also be used for solid-liquid separation of brewing equipment such as juice extraction and other filtration.

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