Project Description

Dust proof mesh earphone:

DEZE dust proof mesh earphone are common and important earphone accessory, its dust-proof will keep the earphone and other sound equipment work well and work long in the dust environment.

Our dust proof mesh earphone material is shine and quality stainless steel 304, 316, 316L. So they are also called earphone dust proof metal mesh. They are manufactured under photochemical etching with precise technical control and exact tiny pore dimension. It won’t create any burrs or deformation during the production.

Dust proof mesh earphone

earphone dust proof screen metal mesh

Dust proof mesh earphone

Earphone porous mesh anti-dust screen

Dust proof mesh earphone

Dust proof mesh screen for earphone

DEZE dust proof mesh earphone specification is various to choose and available to custom at the client’s request. Our earphone mesh count is from 60 mesh to 450 mesh in common with color in black, white, silver white, red, yellow, etc.

Standard diameter of the earphone dust proof mesh in piece is 3.7mm, 4.0mm, 4.3mm, 4.7mm,5.0mm,it could be cut under different size at your request.

Dust proof mesh earphone

qualified metal mesh screen for earphone

Dust proof mesh earphone

anti-dust metal network metal earphone mesh

Dust proof mesh earphone

customized metal earbuds mesh replacement

We also supply the dust proof mesh earphone with adhesive at the backside, which is more convenient to install.

DEZE dust proof mesh earphone advantage and feature:

Nice acoustic material, ensure the less loss during the sound transmission.

Great proof from water and dust when the sound equipment work indoor and outside the door.

Effective protection from the water and dust when the sound equipment at the dust environment or splash liquid.

Both standard dimension mesh and custom size mesh.

Tiny and light weight, easy install for a confined equipment space.

Pores density uniform, material keep same thick, good waterproof feature.

Color: white and black in common, other color at your request

Deze dust proof mesh usage:

  • As a common and important accessory in earphone, microphone, speaker, for tuning, improve the sound audio, at the same time anti dust and waterproof.
  • For most digital products, communicated material.
  • For earphone mesh, earphone, headphone, hearing-aid phone.
  • For inter-phone, blue tooth headset, mobile media player, mobile computer, etc.
  • For speaker, sound, etc.

We also supply speak grill mesh, nickel-plated mesh, you are welcome to consult us if you are interested in them.

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