Project Description

Etching metal shower head filter/flowermate screen

Product description:

The flowermate screen uses the principle of chemical corrosion to realize the hollow or semi-etched material of the aperture pattern of the metal plate. It is made of stainless steel 430, 201, 304, 316, 316L, copper, etc.

It is antibacterial and antibacterial and safe to use. Our company is able to etch various metal materials. The edge of the product is smooth, flat and evenly free of burrs.

flowermate screen

Square shower disc

flowermate screen

Seventy percent open rate flowermate screen other can be customize

flowermate screen

Ninety percent open rate flowermate screen other can be customize

Specification Table:

Flowermate Screen

Deze is a filter product manufacturer integrating R&D, production, marketing and service. We are located in the origin of raw materials and have certain production advantages. We have advanced production and testing equipment, we can provide customized products for our customers, and we are committed to producing high quality and low price products.

flowermate screen

 small flowermate screen thickness measurement

flowermate screen

flowermate screen Diameter measurement

flowermate screen

Detail of flowermate screen

Advantages of DEZE flowermate screen:

  1. Uniform mesh, stable filtration, no blockage, ensuring a comfortable shower process
  2. Good flatness, no burrs, no change to the original composition of the material, safe to use, antibacterial and harmless
  3. Corrosion resistance, cold and heat resistant, no rust, long service life
  4. Various shapes, meshes, sizes, etc. can be customized
  5. Control flow and enhance shower effect

Application of DEZE flowermate screen:

Mainly used for a variety of shower heads, water filtration, control flow, improve the comfort of the shower. Other uses We can design and produce according to your specific needs.

Not only the price advantage, our pursuit of product quality, and the pursuit of customer service is our driving force.