Project Description

Replacement GRACO manifold filter airless accessories

Product Description:

Replacement GRACO manifold filter commonly used in  airless spray machines, manifold filters, airless spray accessories.

The manifold filter is the second line of defense to prevent harmful particles from entering the spray machine, reducing clogging, improving surface treatment quality, and helping to maintain the right spray pressure for a smoother surface.

GRACO manifold filter

Graco Pump Manifold Filter

GRACO manifold filter

Stainless steel covered edge filter cylinder

GRACO manifold filter

Spraying machine accessories

Specification Table:

GRACO manifold filter

Spray machine strainer mesh 30 mesh is used for coatings with relatively large or large particles. The nozzle aperture is 0.019-0.021 inch. The 60 mesh filter is currently standard and can handle most coatings with nozzle aperture of 0.015-0.017IN. 100 mesh can filter the tiny particles IN the coating, the type of coating includes water-based furniture paint, etc., and the nozzle diameter is 0.011-0.013IN. 200 mesh is used for the higher requirements of particle filtration in coatings, such as spraying aperture in 0.008-0.011inch.

GRACO manifold filter

Single and double pump body filter

GRACO manifold filter

Inner filter of spray gun

GRACO manifold filter

Spray gun mesh filter

Features of GRACO manifold filter/ Spray gun filter:

  1. Prevent harmful residue into the pump, extend the life of the spray machine, help maintain a stable spray pressure.
  2. Uniform mesh, no holes without stripping, safety without burr, special edge design, rolled edge sticking,fast uniform filtration.
  3. Both ends of the filter and injection rod become one, to achieve a full range of filtering no leakage.
  4. Good penetrability, low pressure difference, high filtration efficiency, good fogging and foaming effect.
  5. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance suitable for various working environments.
  6. Health and environmental protection lead free, will not cause pollution to the environment.
GRACO manifold filter

replacement GRACO spray machine original accessories

GRACO manifold filter

 Airless spray machine filter tube

GRACO manifold filter

The built-in filter mesh of spray

Application of GRACO manifold filter/ Spray gun filter:

  1. Manifold filter is mainly used for spraying machine accessories, to defense against troublesome particles entering your sprayer and help maintain a proper spraying pressure resulting in a better quality finish.
  2. Usesin the pharmaceutical process: first of all, it can be used as a container in the pharmaceutical process to hold medicinal materials, pills, tablets, etc., but also to remove unnecessary powder.
  3. Spraying machine filter with air permeability, can be filled with Chinese herbs, food and other drying in the oven.
  4. It is a necessary accessory of the crusher, sieve out the coarse powder and crush it again.

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