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Etched stainless steel heat dissipation filter mesh Description:

Etching stainless steel heat dissipation filter mesh adopts etching technology. Etching is to use appropriate chemical solution to etch the parts of the material that are not covered by photoresist (photosensitive film) to reach a certain depth of engraving.

Heat dissipation filter mesh

Etched Heat dissipation filter mesh

Heat dissipation filter mesh

stainless steel Heat dissipation filter mesh

Heat dissipation filter mesh

Stainless steel Etching filter mesh

Specification Table:

Heat dissipation filter mesh

If there is dust in the use of electronic power equipment, it is easy to cause short-circuit and other faults, and can cause greater harm, so it is necessary to install dust blocking equipment in the electronic power equipment.Etching stainless steel heat dissipation filter mesh can ensure the effective heat dissipation of the controller and precision electronic parts, prolong the service life, reduce the failure rate and prevent the misoperation.

Features of etching stainless steel heat dissipation filter mesh:

  1. High dustproof efficiency, small size, maintenance-free, easy installation.
  2. The installation is simple and fast, it only needs to open a rectangular hole and a card, and it can be further fixed through screws.
  3. Dust removal rate: good electrostatic effect, dust removal rate up to 80%, effectively prevent dust into the internal control cabinet.
  4. Ensure the control of effective heat dissipation and precision electronic components, long life, low failure rate
  5. Stainless steel has a bright appearance, long corrosion resistance and can be cleaned repeatedly.