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What is inlet strainer?

Inlet strainer is also called inlet suction filter, its screen material are stainless steel 304, 316, 316L in common, other materials are available.

DEZE inlet strainers screen designs included double screen and single screen to meet our clients different requests. These inlet strainers trimmed edges types are various, gasket, stainless steel and other common edges, OK to choose and custom-made.

inlet strainer

DEZE inlet strainers in various designs

inlet strainer

Q-tech spray gun suction filter

inlet strainer

Spray gun suction filter with double screen

As all we know, the inlet strainers/ inlet suction filters are very important parts for spray gun, pittsburgh spray equipment and other spray used machines and equipment. During work, the inlet strainers/ filters remove debris and contaminant from the paint and protect the pump, reduce tip clogging and providing a better quality paint finish.

DEZE inlet strainers/ inlet suction filters feature:

  • The strainers screen filtration rating steady.
  • Good quality and long work time.
  • Corrosion resistance, durable construction and won’t transform.
  • No reaction with filtration.
  • Brand inlet strainers/ inlet suction filters replacement.
  • Various kinds of inlet strainers designs to choose.
  • Custom-made designs are available.

DEZE inlet strainers will help your sprayers maximize performance through properly sized filters and strainers.Debris of the paint will be filtered out from the pump and will give you the smoothest finish. Excellent and outstanding DEZE inlet strainers / filters will save time and money by extending the life of your sprayer and reducing project downtime.

inlet strainer

single screen inlet strainer for spray equipment

inlet strainer

12” inlet strainer for replacement

inlet strainer

stainless inlet strainer sprayer parts, single screen

DEZE inlet strainers/ inlet suction filters application in common:

inlet strainer

DEZE inlet strainer to prevent unwanted debris to enter into the pump

inlet strainer

Large quantity supplied in let strainers with suitable packaging

inlet strainer

various types of inlet suctions/ filters supply

Destroyed, damaged or worn inlet strainers will let unwanted debris and contaminant to enter into the pump.

Please clean and replace your inlet strainer regularly, it will be helpful for prolong pump life and reduce tip clogging.

DEZE As a manufacturer and supplier, we offer a wide range of Inlet strainer & inlet suction filters. Welcome to contact us.