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Pot Filter Boil Home brew Beer kettle tube screen

kettle tube screen:

kettle tube screen

Size details of kettle tube screen

kettle tube screen

Connection detail of kettle tube screen

kettle tube screen

Threaded interface of kettle tube screen

Specification Table:

kettle tube screen

Product description:

Kettle screen is also called bazooka Screen or boil screen. Kettle screen adopts food grade stainless steel material, which has stable performance, high dirt holding capacity and accurate filtering precision. It has high corrosion resistance, is not easy to damage, easy to clean and has a long service life.

Kettle screen is mainly used for the filtration of wine in beer, beverage and red wine brewing process. It is easy to use, and the wine after filtering the grain residue for brewing is excellent in taste!

kettle tube screen

Detail of the kettle tube screen

kettle tube screen

Size comparison of kettle tube screen

kettle tube screen

Customize of the kettle tube screen

Advantages of stainless steel kettle tube screen:

  1. Stable performance, high capacity, uniform filtration, no blockage,guarantee the taste of beer
  2. The surface is smooth and  High corrosion resistance, not easy to damage,Effectively improve filtration efficiency
  3. Food grade materials, non-toxic,  long service life
  4. Portable, easy to clean, reusable
  5. Suitable for all kinds of working environment, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance
  6. Strict quality inspection, safe use, quality assurance
  7. Multiple interface types available,Can be customized according to customer requirements
  8. Easy to disassemble and install, economical

Application of stainless steel kettle tube screen:

  1. Mainly used for home brewing, easy to use
  2. Used for beer saccharification, boiled, to ensure the uniformity of the liquid
  3. Used for the filtration of hops, juice and other residues
  4. Removing the tiny impurities contained in it and the macromolecular substances which are easy to form turbid precipitates, ensuring the clear and transparent liquor.
  5. Can be used for homemade beer, wine, coffee, etc.