Project Description

PTFE(Teflon) screen gasket

PTFE screen gaskets are included stainless steel filter screen and gasket in PTFE. As PTFE is also called Teflon, the PTFE screen gasket is also called Teflon screen gasket.

PTFE screen gaskets are commonly in white and widely applied because the PTFE excellent performance.

Long work and service time, extremely durable, anti-aging and high insulation resistance.

Physiological inert and non-poisonous, could be installed in medicine and food equipment and machines.

PTFE(Teflon) screen gasket

white PTFE screen gaskets with 100 mesh wire screen

PTFE(Teflon) screen gasket

Teflon screen gaskets for filtration and separation.

PTFE(Teflon) screen gasket

mesh PTFE screen gasket with diameter 

DEZE PTFE (Teflon) screen gaskets specification:

Stainless Steel wire mesh: Dutch twill weave pattern, plain weave, etc.

Stainless steel 304, 316, 316L, and other alloy if you need.

Micron filter rating: 4 mesh up to 300 mesh.

Gasket diameter in common: 3/4”, 1”, 1 1/2”, 2”, 2 1/2”, 3”, 4”, 6” . Welcome to custom the screen gaskets at your request.

White PTFE are barely no extractum and outstanding non-stick performance, the PTFE screen gasket are good as anti-sticking material, even the thinnest PTFE film. The PTFE gasket surface are not easy to stick water, oil and other fluid and the PTFE screen gaskets are easy to clean, just wipe and clean stain if it is not too much. Less down time and improve work efficiency.

PTFE screen gaskets are outstanding anti-heat and anti-low temperature, from-190℃ to 260℃. But the White PTFE screen gasket can not be used for the low temperature flexibility or gasket memory, not suitable the work temperature environment which change frequently.

PTFE(Teflon) screen gasket

DEZE Teflon screen gasket, OK to custom and replacement.

PTFE(Teflon) screen gasket

woven PTFE screen gasket for coarse filtration

PTFE(Teflon) screen gasket

DEZE PTFE screen gasket for high grade acid and lye fluid.

DEZE PTFE (Teflon) screen gaskets are OK to used for:

  • Suitable part for medicine and food equipment and machines.
  • For high purity systems.
  • Coarse filtration and solid/liquid separation applicable media: water, alcohol, oil, fuel, steam, neutral gas or liquid, organic solvent, pharmaceutical grade acid and lye. 
  • Sanitary ware part: tap filter, shower head filter.
  • Hose fittings: filter hose washer, garden hose strainer.
  • Hardware installation seal part: for valve, fast elbow, loose joint.
  • Pipe filtration: fluid pipes, chemical pipes, oil pipe filter, motor pump, etc.

Deze provides you with customized services for various gaskets. If you are looking for manufacturers and suppliers of gaskets, please feel free to contact us. In addition to price advantages, our quality requirements are designed to meet or exceed customer expectations. Your satisfaction is our highest requirement for ourselves.