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Sanitary silicone screen gasket standard & customized

DEZE silicone screen gaskets are common used sanitary fluid filtration fittings and hose filtration, also call silicone screen sanitary gasket or silicone sanitary gasket with screen. It is compose of silicone and stainless steel mesh screen in centre and non-detachable as a whole unit.

silicone screen gasket

silicone screen gaskets OEM acceptable

silicone screen gasket

silicone screen gasket sanitary fluid filtration fittings

The silicone gasket type are standard sanitary clamp gaskets or tri clamp, common in white:

– good for hot water to 176℃, not steam.

– good resistance of aging, ozone resistance, heat resistance, good electrical insulation.

– good cryogenic property.

– Useful temperature range- 60℃ to 250℃.

– Low ductility and low wear resistance, not good for motive seal.

The gasket elastomer could be silicone, FKM/ viton, PTFE, platinum – cured silicone, please choose the one suitable for you.

silicone screen gasket

various mesh screen gasket silicone

silicone screen gasket

qualified silicone screen gasket with good cryogenic property

You can choose the mesh screen in various of mesh sizes ranging from 10 mesh to 200 mesh.

The mesh screen material could be SS 304, 316, 316L, popular for its good resistance to heat to corrosion, no shedding material, easy clean and install. It could be woven or perforated at you request.

silicone screen gasket

silicone screen gasket good protection for pump

silicone screen gasket

high temperature water vapor environment used silicone screen gasket

These silicone screen gaskets are popular used as the material for Crash-proof, anti-slip and shockproof, etc.

Silicone screen gaskets could be used for:

For protection for pump, check valves and other components.

For liquid gassing or degassing

For the seal and filtration of automobile water tank, brake fluid.

For turbulence generation for enhanced mass or heat transfer.

For household appliance,furniture, toys, sound system.

For electronic products.

For sanitary fitting, etc.

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