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If you are buying an industrial product in bulk, you should be especially mindful of its arrangements. It will allow you to make the right choice. It is why Deze provides a FAQ guide to its customers for its products. So their customers can decide what they want.

We acknowledge our clients with every part of our product. Here is the definitive guide for the sintered leaf filter. It includes all the queries that might arise in your mind related to our product.

What are sintered leaf filters?

Sintered Leaf Filter

Sintered Leaf Filter

Sintered leaf filters are woven filters made of laminated, sintered layers of stainless steel fiber. You can use them for simple, fast removal of pollutants, impurities, and agglomerate substances.

Deze manufactures sintered leaf filters with a character of being reused. Because its elements can be cleaned and reused, it is an ideal product for industrial projects. You can effortlessly install it to filtration gadgets to filter high viscosity melt.

At Deze, we manufacture sintered leaf filters of premium quality. Moreover, we can create different filters depending on the preferences and requirements of our clients.

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How sintered leaf filters are manufactured?

At Deze, we manufacture sintered leaf filter with premium raw material under great care and the latest technologies to achieve peak performance. 

We manufacture sintered leaf filter with stainless steel sintered fiber web and woven stainless steel wire mesh that are welded in multilayer packs. So you can use them for the filtration of impurities and solid pollutants.

These filtration properties of the product are enhanced during manufacturing processes. All the high-tech methods add up to the productivity of our products.

The sintered leaf filter made at Deze has a deep filtration structure giving high filtration efficiency, low filtration resistance, and high contaminant retention capability.

What are the components of a sintered leaf filter?

Sintered leaf filters are multilayer packs. There are two main layers of sintered leaf filter

  • Filter layer 
  • Protective layer

Deze provides the best quality products to customers and maintains a reliable relation. The filter layer is the prime layer used for the filtration of impurities, and the protective layer adds to the functionality of the filter layer. 

What are the advantages of a sintered leaf filter?

Sintered leaf filters are commonly serviceable for the progress of distillation, sorption evaporation, and filtration. Deze manufactures sintered leaf filters that are compatible, made professionally, and of high quality. It gives outstanding performance, especially in the removal of gel contaminants in high molecular polymers. 

There are many exceptional features of sintered leaf filter, such as,

  • It has high strength and durability
  • Sintered leaf filters have a wide filtration range and high flow rates
  • It has an adjustable filtration range
  • Sintered leaf filters are reusable
  • They are easy to use
  • It features corrosion resistance
  • They serve a longer lifespan

What are the specifications of sintered leaf filters?

Deze provides its customers with the best quality of products. We make sure that the products made at Deze fulfill our customer requirements. Our main goal is to achieve customer satisfaction.

Deze manufactures sintered leaf filter under high technologies and great care. The specifications of sintered leaf filter made at Deze are,

  • Deze produces sintered leaf filter with stainless steels and different alloys, like Ferroalloys of 316L and 304L. We use them for both filtration and protective layer.
  • The thickness range is between 0.30- 0.65mm
  • The filter media for sintered leaf filters are Sintered Wire Mesh or Sintered Metal Fiber Felt.
  • The disc size range is between 30 to 400 mm (With frame)
  • Deze manufactures sintered leaf filter of different shapes.
  • Moreover, Deze provides its customers a chance to get sintered leaf filter in their desired configuration.
  • The filtration rating for sintered leaf filter varies from 3- 60 microns
  • Deze manufacture sintered leaf filter with a working temperature ranging from 200-600°C

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What factors should you consider while buying a sintered leaf filter?

The purchase of a sintered leaf filter requires experience. However, if you are buying a sintered leaf filter for the first time, consider these factors.

  • Material type of sintered leaf filter
  • sintered leaf filter type
  • Dimensions of sintered leaf filter
  • Filtration rating of sintered leaf filter
  • Your budget
  • Your project requirements 
  • Reliability of the manufacturer

Are sintered leaf filter customizable? 

Yes, sintered leaf filters are customizable. You can customize the size, shape, and material type of sintered leaf filter according to your requirements. 

Deze offers OEM services for customers looking for customization services. You can contact our customer support to discuss your product design with our experts or provide us with your 

Where can you use sintered leaf filters?

Sintered leaf filter find extensive applications in various industries. Some of the industries that employ sintered leaf filters are,

  • In beverage industry
  • In petrochemical industry
  • In chemical industry
  • In pharmaceutical industry
  • In the edible oil industry
  • For high vacuum separation by molecular distillation
  • For lube oil refining
  • For sulfur filtration
  • In bleaching earth
  • For brine manufacturing
  • In glucose industry

What sizes of Sintered leaf filters are there?

Sintered leaf filter vary in size. The size of sintered leaf filter depends on the size and radius of the discs. Deze manufactures numerous sizes of Sintered leaf filter. However, if you cannot find the size you are looking for, you can personalize it.

Bottom Line

The main goal of Deze is acquiring customers’ trust. We provide our customers with high and premium quality products and develop a long-term relationship with them. 

Deze has been working with industrial clients from all over the world for years. It is why we understand the requirements of customers very well. We ensure the secure delivery of high-quality products.

Until now, you will be familiar with all the necessary information about sintered leaf filter. All you need to do is find a reliable manufacturer. You can inspect the quality of the products by inquiring about the significant aspects.

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer to purchase sintered leaf filter, you can consider our high quality products. If you need any assistance, you can contact our dedicated customer service team.

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