Project Description

Customized stainless steel smoking pipe screen Description:

The pipe disc is also called the cigarette filter disc,

the pipe auxiliary combustion mesh disc,

the Arabian shisha filter disc,

the faucet water impurity filtration,

They are mainly used for pipe and Arabian shisha and other tobacco.The main function of the cigarette mesh is to protect the cigarette set and the smoker’s mouth.

Smoking pipe screen

smoking pipe mesh

Smoking pipe screen

stainless steel smoking pipe screen

Smoking pipe screen

Corrosion resistance pipe filter mesh

Specification Table:

Smoking pipe screen

Advantage of the smoking pipe screen:

Mesh cooperating with cigarette smoking set use can make tobacco sufficient combustion, dry absorption smoke, the smoke flavour taste the same. 

The types of smoke mesh is generally 10 mm and 22 mm diameter stainless steel wire mesh weaving small round stainless steel filter or a shape similar to a bowl of filter, special specifications can be customized according to customer’s requirement.

Smoking pipe screen

stainless steel pipe filter disc

Smoking pipe screen

stainless steel filter screen

Smoking pipe screen

edging filter screen


  1. Size standard, can be customized
  2. Good filtering accuracy, easy to use, easy to clean
  3. Food grade 304 material corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance

Deze can meet all your requirements for the smoking pipe screen, some of which are in stock. Please contact us for more product details.