Project Description

What is Sock screen gasket?

Sock screen gaskets are also called sock design screen gasket, it is named for its long filter tube designs. DEZE sock screen gaskets are composed of stainless steel screen and gaskets. The sock screen gaskets in common dimension are supplied in DEZE, non standard sock screen gaskets are welcome to custom at the clients request.

Sock screen gasket

sock screen gasket for pump protect.

Sock screen gasket

custom sock screen gasket for in-line fluid condition.

sock screen gaskets

small sock screen gaskets in black gasket.

Table of Sock screen gasket:

sock screen gasket

DEZE screen mesh of the screen mesh gasket in stainless steel are popular with stainless steel feature:

  • Good acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.
  • High strength and wear proof, very durable in work.
  • High heat resistance and oxidation resistance.
  • Good finish and easy to clean.
Sock screen gasket

sock screen gaskets are OK to choose the gasket material

sock screen gaskets

Large quantity of sock screen gaskets

sock screen gaskets

DEZE sock screen gaskets are composed of stainless steel screen + gasket.

DEZE sock design of the screen gaskets has various to choose as the customers requires:

The sock screen gaskets is a good choice to replace flat screen gaskets. Sock designs screen gasket have more open area than common flat screen gaskets, even more than 5 times.

Larger collection space and a good quality screen lead its work time longer, take less service and down time. And you know, all of these will save the charges as users. Larger collection area and excellent collect capacity will protect the pump and equipment well by decreasing the pump and equipment wear and burnout.

Various gaskets material are various, PTFE, FKM(Viton), EPDM, silicone, etc. DEZE screen gaskets are popular for no leak and anti acid, anti alkali, good looking and durable.

DEZE sock screen gasket common usage:

  • For pharmaceutical particle screening.
  • For industrial sample screening.
  • For High frequency vibrating screen machine.
  • For Food mechanical transport and filtration.
  • For fluid filtration, in-line fluid condition, transfer of liquids from a bulk tank to a tank truck and /or in the opposite direction.
  • To protect the pump and equipment from wear and burnout.