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Spin Down Sediment Filter Screen

Product Description:

This replacement element is compatible with the Sediment Stopper WSSPF-500, Kleenwater model # KWSStop10-500M and Lowe’s ProPlumber item #25699. The stainless steel screen is offered in 24 mesh, 60 mesh, 100 mesh and 250 mesh.

The membrane can be periodically cleaned through the flush valve. Over time the membrane may gradually become loaded or damaged which will require replacement. The approximate measurement is 1 1/8 inch OD x 5 1/8 inch length.

Spin Down Sediment Filter

Stainless Steel Filter Screens

Spin Down Sediment Filter

Sediment Filter screen

Spin Down Sediment Filter

replacement filter for sediment stopper sand separator

Specification Table:

Spin Down Sediment Filter

The outer layer of spin down sediment filter replacement screen is stainless steel filter screen, stainless steel woven screen. After cutting, molding, edge welding and other processes of customized processing.   

Features of Spin Down Sediment Filter:

  1. Metal stainless steel material, strong impact resistance, flame retardant toughness.
  2. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, long service life.
  3. Easy to clean, can be used repeatedly after cleaning.
  4. The pores of stainless steel filter element are even, and the filtration precision is accurate.
  5. Stainless steel filter element has large flow rate per unit area and uniform filtering effect.
  6. High heart rate, high pressure, good straightness, stainless steel, no burr.
Spin Down Sediment Filter

Hot Water Filter Screens for Spin-Down

Spin Down Sediment Filter

Cylindrical filter screen

Spin Down Sediment Filter

Sediment trapper filter screen

Application of Spin Down Sediment Filter:

  1. Spin down sediment filter replacement screens are efficient in heavy sediment applications. They can be used in applications with a flow rate ranging from 1 GPM to 100 GPM.
  2. 24 mesh (711 micron) is ideal forlawn irrigation filtration. 100 (152 micron) mesh is ideal for domestic well water applications. 60 (254 micron), 250 mesh (61 micron) and 500 mesh (30 micron) are available for unique applications. It is recommended that the filter screen be manually cleaned or replaced annually.
  3. Suitable for general water supply filtration system and circulating water filtration in catering, textile, mining, electronics and foundry industries.
  4. It is suitable for water filtration with nozzles in pulp and paper making, metallurgy and mechanical industriesand cooling tower circulating water filtration.
Spin Down Sediment Filter

Stainless steel filter screen tube

Spin Down Sediment Filter

Spin-Down Replacement Filter screen

Spin Down Sediment Filter

Wire mesh woven filter cylinder

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