Project Description

Sprayer Gun Filter

Sprayer Gun Filter Product Description:

Paint sprayer gun filter mesh also call injection filter cylinder, spraying machine gun filter, spraying machine gun filter, high pressure airless spray gun filter, commonly used in kinds of airless spray machines, manifold filters, airless spray accessories.

Prevent paint particles and impurities from entering the diaphragm pump and damaging the diaphragm pump or blocking the oil line of the electrostatic spray gun.

Sprayer Gun Filter

 Airless spray machine accessories

Sprayer Gun Filter

Airless spray gun filter element

Sprayer Gun Filter

Stainless steel pray filter

Specification Table:

Sprayer Gun Filter

The main function is to filter paint or dye heavy impurities, reduce clogging, make spray dye or paint more uniform, improve the quality of surface treatment.

The manifold filter is the second line of defense to prevent harmful particles from entering the spray machine , helps maintain the appropriate spray pressure for a smoother surface and a more aesthetically pleasing spray effect.

Sprayer Gun Filter

Stainless steel filter tube

Sprayer Gun Filter

Paint strainer mesh

Sprayer Gun Filter

Stainless steel pump


  1. Prevent harmful residue from entering the pump, extend the life of spraying machine
  2. Helps maintain a steady spray pressure.
  3. Using high quality stainless steel, exquisite workmanship, uniform mesh, used in various occasions can be quickly filtered
  4. Special package edge design, roll edge sticking, safe without burr.
  5. After several steps of stamping, annealing, thickening, extrusion test, durable.
  6. Corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, pressure resistance, wear resistance, longusing life.
  7. The bottom of the product adopts the design of clamping spring press filter screen, which is convenient for users to change and clean the filter screen.
Sprayer Gun Filter

High pressure paint strainer

Sprayer Gun Filter

Pump body filter mesh

Sprayer Gun Filter

Stainless steel filter wire mesh


  1. All kinds of glue spraying machine, glue dispensing machine filter, paint filter, chemical filter, mechanical parts filter, etc.
  2. It can be used as a container in the pharmaceutical process to hold medicinal materials, pills, tablets, etc., and to remove unnecessary powder.
  3. It is a necessary accessory of the crusher, sieve out the coarse powder and crush it again.
  4. Spraying machine filter with air permeability, can be filled with Chinese herbs, food and other drying in the oven.
  5. The product is made of 304 stainless steel, which can effectively prevent corrosion of water, water-based paint and common paint, and resist impact and deformation. No matter how high the paint viscosity can quickly absorb materials, so it is especially suitable for paint, coating, chemical potion, industrial glue and other liquid transport and general liquid absorption.


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