Project Description

What is sprouting strainer lid?

If you want to turn your jar into a sprouting jar, what you need is a DEZE sprouting strainer lid, included your Mason jar, 86 and 70. DEZE spouting strainer lid is also called strainer lid for jar, sprouting jar lid or germination jar lid.

It is always composed of a piece of sprouting / germination lids screen and a screw-on ring, the screen and rings are OK to separate.

sprouting strainer lid

Large quantity supply sprouting strainer lid

sprouting strainer lid

stainless steel food grade sprouting strainer lid

sprouting strainer lid

sprouting strainer lid are composed of screen and screw-on ring

DEZE sprouting strainer lid main material is 100 % stainless steel 304, food grade, other stainless steel or alloy metal are available to custom. Commonly our sprouting strainer lids are for wide mouth jar, Special jar mouth styles are OK to custom-made, such as Fan style, Oval style, Square style, Horseshoe style, and other special styles.

The screen part mesh count 20 mesh, 30 mesh, 80 mesh, etc.

The screw-on ring diameter: 3.38inch/ 86mm, other diameters are available. The screw-on ring is OK to be plastic and other material.

The screen diameter: 3in / 76mm, other diameters are available.

DEZE sprouting strainer lids feature:

  • Heavy duty and long lasting
  • Withstanding repeated uses, corrosion resistance, don’t rusting
  • Easy to clean and sanitary.
  • Exquisite workmanship, prevent accidental scratches, safe and secure.
  • Designs and dimensions are OK to custom-made.
  • Large stock in standard, delivery in time.
sprouting strainer lid

Heavy duty and long lasting sprouting strainer lids.

sprouting strainer lid

sprouting strainer lids with diameter 86mm

sprouting strainer lid

qualified sprouting strainer lids with 20 mesh screen

DEZE sprouting strainer lids application:

For your wide-mouthed Mason jars to grow sprouts

For grow fresh buds

For seed germination

For sprout beans and seeds

For tea straining, tincture straining, juice and broth straining.

For nuts, almond, seeds, legumes soaking.

For cocoa and sugar dusting, flour and spices dusting, seasonings and powder for the kitchen dusting, or any powder that need to be dusted on your garden.

sprouting strainer lid

sprouting strainer lids for Mason jar

sprouting strainer lid

DEZE sprouting strainer lid in OPP bag

sprouting strainer lid

DEZE sprouting strainer lids packed two pieces for one bag.

DEZE sprouting strainer lids commonly pack in OPP bags, two pieces for one bag, four pieces for one bags, six pieces or eight pieces for one bag are OK to package at your request.

DEZE sprouting strainer lid will keep all the sprouts in good aerate and always edible sprout jar lids. Please feel free contact us.