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What is stainless steel pleated filter?

The main materials of stainless steel folding filter element are sintered felt with stainless steel fiber and woven mesh. The sealing surface of the filter element is connected by argon arc welding process, and the filter layer is folded by multi-fold process, constitute a complete filter element,  no leakage,  no media off phenomenon.

Sintered felt of stainless steel fiber is a kind of porous and deep filtering material made of stainless steel fiber by high temperature sintering.

Stainless steel woven mesh is made of stainless steel wire woven. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, suitable for high viscosity liquid filtration.

stainless steel pleated filter

Granulator multi-layer mesh filter

stainless steel pleated filter

Stainless steel pleated filter element

stainless steel pleated filter

Melt filter element for chemical fiber

Specification table:

stainless steel pleated filter

Features of stainless steel pleated filter:

  1. Folded structure,it has a larger filter area, better ability to absorb pollution.
  2. High porosity, strong permeability, low pressure difference, suitable for high viscosity media filtration.
  3. Good regeneration performance, after chemical cleaning, high temperature calcination and ultrasonic cleaning can be repeatedly used.
  4. Material has high strength, no need to add support structure, no material shedding phenomenon.
  5. The pores of stainless steel filter element are uniform, the filtration precision is accurate, and the flow rate per unit area is large.
  6. Stainless steel material, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, wear resistance.
stainless steel pleated filter

stainless steel pleated filter element for compressor

stainless steel pleated filter

Corrosion resistant pleated filter element

stainless steel pleated filter

High flow pleated filter element

Application of stainless steel pleated filter:

  1. Petrochemical high temperature gas filtration, petrochemical plant boiling bed tail gas filtration, catalytic cracking slurry filtration, various high temperature, corrosion liquid, catalyst filtration
  2. Purification of high-temperature flue gas in metallurgical industry, filtration of other high-temperature gases and liquids, filtration and separation of catalysts
  3. Filtration and purification of various polymer melts in chemical fiber film industry.
  4. Used for gas distribution, liquid bed hole plate material. Used for high pressure backwash oil filter.
  5. Used for filtering edible oil, beverage and edible slurry. Used for purifying and filtering production sewage.
stainless steel pleated filter

Backwash pleated filter element

stainless steel pleated filter

Oil pleated filter element

stainless steel pleated filter

Compressor pleated filter element