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Woven wire mesh filters are one of our best-selling filtration products. Because of their functionality and versatility, woven wire mesh filters are serviceable in various industrial projects.

However, it is better to have an insight into the product before buying it. Here is the detailed analysis of woven wire mesh filters and all the queries that might arise in your mind. 

What is a woven wire mesh filter?

Woven Wire Mesh Filters

Different Sizes and Configurations of Woven Wire Mesh Filters

The woven wire mesh filter is our corrosion-resistant, low density, and non-toxic product. It has high tensile strength and outstanding filtration performance. Besides, it has convincing thermal properties and is durable. 

You can use these filters in chemical filtration, power generation, pharmaceutical, machinery, aviation, and construction industries.

With so many years of experience at Deze, we manufacture and sell high-quality meshes with stabilized filtering characteristics. We also proffer woven wire mesh filters in different sizes and cuttings.

What are the specifications of woven wire mesh filters?

At Deze, woven wire mesh filter is available in different sizes, weave patterns, and surface types. 

  • The aperture ranges from 0.02mm – 23.7mm, with stock ranging from 5 mesh to 400 mesh.
  • We use high-quality stainless steel, such as SS304 and SS316. 
  • The mesh size is 0.3 – 400 mesh. 
  • We offer a wide range of widths from 5mm to 2000 mm. 
  • Furthermore, we feature four disparate weave patterns, including Plain, Dutch, Twilled, and Twilled Dutch.
  • We can also help you in cutting woven wire mesh filters in your desired size. 
  • We ensure the safety of your package by wrapping it in three discrete layers; a waterproof bubble pad, waterproof paper, and a wooden box.

At Deze, we also offer different products made with a woven wire mesh filter. So, if you are looking for a specific product, such as disc filters, basket filters, wedge wire filters, or temporary filters, you can find it here.

What are the advantages of woven wire mesh filters?

Woven wire mesh filter exhibits the following qualities,

· Low Density and High Tensile Strength

Woven wire mesh filters have a low density. That is why it is an ideal option for shipbuilding and seawater projects. Besides, it has high tensile strength. It is because of their exceptional robustness that they are helpful in diverse industrial projects.

· Corrosion-resistant

The woven wire mesh filter is resistant to corrosion. It is because of the formation of a protective layer, which prevents it from erosion.

It is also a characteristic feature of stainless steel. Whenever it is exposed to air, it is oxidized. As a result, it forms a 5nm thick protective oxidized layer, which acts as a barrier.

· Thermal Stability and Conductivity

The woven wire mesh filter is thermally stable. Also, it is resistant to high temperatures. Heat resistance makes it an ideal product for use in the petroleum industry. 

Besides, the woven wire mesh filter has high conductivity as it shows little resistance to the passage of electricity.

· Acid and Alkali Resistance

Woven wire mesh filters are resistant to acid and alkali. When it is exposed to oxidizing acidic environments, it forms a protective oxide layer and shows resistance towards the acidic environment. 

In alkali conditions, such as in desalination industries, woven wire mesh filter also shows resistance.

· Long Service-Life

Woven wire mesh filter has a long service life of almost 30 years. It is durable because it is resistant to bending, scratching, and breakage. 

The structural integrity of the woven wire mesh filter is because of the intricate weaving methods and stone settings of stainless steel. It prevents it from loosening. Thus, a woven wire mesh filter is helpful for use in heavy industries.

· Versatility 

Woven wire mesh filters are a versatile product. It can be molded in various shapes and used for numerous purposes. We proffer it in several weave types, mesh sizes, widths, stocks, and sizes.

What are the types of woven wire mesh filters?

Woven wire mesh filter has four types based on the functional methods of weaving used in its fabrication. Each process features disparate patterns of weft, wrap, and shute wires.

  • Plain weaveis the simplest form of weaving. To achieve this pattern, you need weft wires and wrap wires of the same diameter. And each of them passes over and under the other wire. 
  • The twilled weaveis effective in the production of heavier wires. You can achieve this pattern by using wrap wires and shute wires. Each of them passes over and under the two adjoining layers. 
  • To execute a plain Dutch weave, the size of wrap wires should be large than shute wires. The weaving method of this pattern is similar to the plain weave.
  • The twilled Dutch weaveis a combination of twilled weave and plain Dutch weave. It is a comparatively complex pattern.

Where can you use a woven wire mesh filter?

Woven wire mesh filter finds extensive uses in the industrial and domestic sectors. It is serviceable,

  • In the mechanical and chemical industries
  • In the medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical industries
  • For shipbuilding and in the military industry
  • In the satellite and aerospace industry
  • In battery and electroplating industries and electromagnetic shielding
  • In the production of chemical filters, mechanical filters, and oil filters
  • In desalination industries, skull repair, and reconstruction projects
  • As condensers and heat exchangers
  • In the off-shore oil drilling industry, the gas processing, pulp, and paper industry
  • In power generation projects

Are woven wire mesh filters customizable?

Deze can customize woven wire mesh filters in all sizes and shapes to help you remain competitive by being your OEM customer.

For customization, all you have to do is tell us the exact design, shape, and size of the required filter. You can provide us with drawings.

Bottom Line

Up till now, you would be well aware of the necessary aspects of woven wire mesh filter. And we hope you will make the right choice. 

Deze has been manufacturing filtration products for years. If you need any further assistance regarding our products or any product in general, you can contact our experts through customer service.

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