DEZE provides perfect metal sintered mesh products of various specifications. The common one is the explosion-proof filter disc which is laser-cut by multi-layer metal sintered mesh.

DEZE metal sintered mesh is a new type of filter material with high mechanical strength and overall rigidity, which is pressed by special laminate and is vacuum sintered.The meshes of the layers of the screen are interlaced to form a uniform and ideal filtering structure, so that the material has the advantages that ordinary metal mesh can not match, such as high strength, good rigidity, stable mesh shape and the like. 

Due to the reasonable matching and design of the material’s void size, permeability and strength characteristics, it has excellent filtration accuracy, filtration resistance, mechanical strength, wear resistance, heat resistance and processability. Comprehensive performance is significantly better than other types of filter materials.

Application examples of DEZE multi-layer metal sintered mesh mainly include air diffuser, flame arrester, rupture disk, water treatment, petroleum sand control pipe, automatic cleaning filter, blast furnace coal injection fluidized bed, pipeline filter, etc.


explosion-proof sintered mesh


Good strength and good rigidity: it has a very high mechanical strength and pressure system. Good processing, welding and assembly performance, easy to use.

High precision, high stability: The filter layer is in the second layer, which provides good protection and shunting, and the filtering precision can achieve uniform filtration performance, ensuring high stability.

Strong corrosion resistance, strong heat resistance: 304, 316, 316L material, good corrosion resistance, good heat resistance, can be used for filtration at -200 ° C – 480 ° C temperature and acid and alkali environment.

Simple cleaning: excellent surface cleaning structure with counter-current cleaning effect, can be used repeatedly and has a long service life.

OEM Service:

If all the sintered mesh discs are not suitable for you, DEZE can provide you with design and OEM services, we can customize the perfect product according to your needs. Here you need to tell us some of your ideas about sintered mesh discs.

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